Ramshackle Glam: A Book Review

A Guide for New Moms That's Filled with How-Tos and Tips

By Joyce Shulman April 25, 2014
Do we need another book about the challenging transition from cool chick to mama bear? Do we need to be reminded, once again, that our bodies, sleep patterns and, most importantly, priorities will be a-changing?

I thought not. But then I read Ramshackle Glam by Jordan Reid and thought, Well, maybe we do.

Part memoir, part how-to, the book is filled with useful takeaways: high heels are out, false eyelashes are in. Big sunglasses can conceal even a week of sleepless nights. When it comes to tired eyes and eyeliner, less is more. Choose your best post-baby “look” and stick to it, since this is not the time to be experimenting. A four-story walk up, new baby and two dogs is a bad plan. A slow-cooker can be a mom’s best friend.

But the magic in Ramshackle Glam is the engaging, funny storytelling which gently delivers the message that becoming a parent changes everything. But that is okay. And you are not alone. “But more than anything, more than it all,” Jordan writes, “it’s important to know this: your life, your self, exactly as it is: Is beautiful.”

Ramshackle Glam should be required reading for all new or newish moms who might be wondering where their life went. Or who just need a really good read to accompany another sleepless night. It's available on Amazon and other booksellers.